Igniting the Sixth Sense: The Lost Human Sensory that Holds by Eric Pepin

By Eric Pepin

The 6th feel: a forgotten, hidden key mendacity dormant inside each human..

Is it attainable to:
- impression fact with the facility of thought?
- Push into the common brain, significantly expanding your intelligence?
- simply succeed in height states for genuine, leap forward non secular experiences?

Indeed and lots more and plenty extra. this isn't simply one other fuzzy New Age booklet a few magical, imprecise 'sixth sense'.

Igniting the 6th feel offers with the magnetic feel that enables birds, whales, bees and plenty of different animals to realize and use magnetic fields in ways in which look most unlikely for people. but, we own this comparable typical skill. What occurs when you mix a latest human with an lively, magnetic sensory? They show talents and talents that appear, from time to time, super-human.

Eric Pepin, the number one non secular Amazon bestselling writer of Meditation inside Eternity and The instruction manual of the Navigator, takes you on a trip the place you'll discover:

* tips to entry a bigger reminiscence past your individual; the Akashic Records
* observe the tactic of magnetic prana allure that makes the full Universe react to who you're and what you want
* the best way to increase each brain, physique and religious procedure you perform. together with meditation, martial arts and more
* The 15 minute miracle that provides you almost limitless quantities of energy
* how one can create a 'psychic buffer' so that you aren't beaten, harmed or motivated via the power and innovations of others
* research the key to programming your individual power field

And that's only the start. There are 280 pages worthy, jam-packed with in-depth wisdom and powerful thoughts you could simply follow. It's all right here, and it really works.

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