HTML Professional Projects by John W. Gosney

By John W. Gosney

No different e-book on HTML bargains a project-based strategy for higher-end clients. This project-oriented method provides hands-on routines so you might follow within the actual international. "HTML expert tasks" makes a speciality of constructing 4 forms of sites: company intranet, e-commerce, non-profit/ government-related, and public relatives. instead of easily describing the tags and logos utilized in HTML, the writer will indoctrinate you to the concept prior to one line is coded, the underlying company method is being thought of.

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HTML Professional Projects

No different e-book on HTML bargains a project-based strategy for higher-end clients. This project-oriented strategy grants hands-on routines for you to observe within the actual global. "HTML expert initiatives" specializes in constructing 4 sorts of websites: company intranet, e-commerce, non-profit/ government-related, and public kinfolk.

Beginning CS5 Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design

Cascading kind sheets (CSS) are the fashionable general for site presentation. while mixed with a structural markup language comparable to HTML, XHTML, or XML (though no longer constrained to these), cascading kind sheets supply net browsers with the knowledge that allows them to provide all of the visible elements of an online record.

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XHTML presents a new level of interoperability in presenting Web content across various access devices. 0 is geared toward these portable devices. Again, the evolving nature of technology is inevitable, and HTML is no exception. As you move through this book (especially the chapters in Part I), I’ll be sure to point out the emerging XHTML standards and feature sets that complement traditional HTML. Summary This short introductory chapter’s purpose was threefold—first, to familiarize you with the evolving nature of HTML; second, to make you aware of the organization (the W3C) that does a large percentage of the work in suggesting how HTML should evolve; and third, to stress that functionality requirements can and do dictate the different utilizations of HTML across different Web sites (such as a corporate intranet versus an elementary school Web site).

This evolving technology seeks to add a tremendous amount of new functionality to typical HTML forms. 8). ◆ Representation of mathematics on the Web. Remember your high school or college calculus class and all the formulas and mathematical functions? It often was hard enough to write those neatly, let alone type them! ) The W3C is working on an XML application called MathML that seeks to ease both the presentation and interpretation of mathematical expressions on the Web. 8 The XForms section of the W3C site.

0. This was an early gold standard for HTML, and it is the version to which most early HTML programmers took hold. 0. TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine! HTML AND THE WORLD WIDE WEB CONSORTIUM Chapter 1 NOTE You can still read the W3C specifications for each of the HTML versions listed here on the W3C Web site. In addition to being historically interesting, you can see how different functionalities changed from one version to another and how such functionality was accounted for to ensure backward compatibility with earlier versions of HTML whenever possible.

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