HTML Complete Course by Donna L. Baker

By Donna L. Baker

This article exhibits you ways to grasp the fine details of HTML whereas engaged on a unmarried undertaking. With a hundred step by step tutorials, this advisor will stroll you thru development a slick, totally practical site from begin to end, utilizing HTML and JavaScript.

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No different ebook on HTML deals a project-based procedure for higher-end clients. This project-oriented technique grants hands-on routines so that you can observe within the actual international. "HTML expert tasks" makes a speciality of constructing 4 sorts of sites: company intranet, e-commerce, non-profit/ government-related, and public kinfolk.

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Cascading type sheets (CSS) are the trendy average for site presentation. while mixed with a structural markup language reminiscent of HTML, XHTML, or XML (though no longer constrained to these), cascading sort sheets supply web browsers with the data that allows them to provide all of the visible facets of an online record.

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8. html file. Close Notepad. You added the first page of a slideshow sequence of pages to your site. You assigned a background color to the page and added some text to use for placement in a later session. Session Review This session covered the initial site-building processes. You learned how to organize a folder structure for storing your site that is convenient and easy to work with. You created a basic Web page, shown in its written form in the first image in this session. You learned how to preview it in your browser and validate its code.

Each element that can use attributes must be part of a pair; both opening and closing tags are required. • Tag names must be in lowercase as XHTML is an XML application; all XML applications are case sensitive. • Empty elements are elements that don’t have attributes, such as horizontal lines and line breaks. Empty elements must be closed. This can be written in one of two ways; for example,
is read the same way as

. 32 Session 1: Constructing the Basic Site Session 1: Constructing the Basic Site 33 Tutorial: Previewing and Testing the Basic Page You use the basic page that you constructed in the previous tutorial as a source for several other templates and then for the pages in your site.

Readers with browser images turned off or using special devices and screen readers read about the image rather than view it. The tag is closed with />. 6. Add an empty line below the image information. Adding a blank line makes it easier to view the content on the page. Note The tag can be closed in one of two ways. I use the shortened version, which uses a blank space and a slash before the closing bracket. You can also close the tag after the alt attribute and use . Either version is correct, but don’t use both—a tag needs to be closed only once!

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