How to Draw Baby Animals by Sonkin

By Sonkin

It's a nice publication for kids who prefer to draw. there are various child animals during this publication. there's a little tale and step by step directions for every child animal.

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Even more drawing. violent action, yet the firm forms must remain in your Breast forms are soft and are subject to the pull of gravity and body movements. high and taut. When the arms are raised, the breasts are pulled The line drawn across the movement of the shoulders the breasts.

The upper area of the torso; from the shoulders w aistline to the head r it tapers as shown 4. Waistline widening to the crotch and hips 5. Two tubes for the thighs, tapering to the knee joints 6. Two tubes for the lower parts of the legs widening from the knees to the calf and then tapering the ankle 7. Ankle 8. Upper arm from shoulder 9. Forearm from elbow 10. to sole of foot to elbow to wrist Wrist to fingertips divided into two areas to BASIC FIGU V This plate shows the exploded parts joined and made into a basic figure.

It is in the drawing of the eye where of the expressive character of the face emerges, and the depth and setting are of equal importance with the of the oval. ••-•: An egg-shaped oval tween the lids. ;_ the eye area be- THE NOSE The typical nose are endless. But, is if pyramidal in shape, and the variations from these variations are geometric form, each nose you draw The anatomist might shown here and it insist this shape. will be on deeper final within or upon this the structurally sound. analysis of each form know something of the analysis, we would arrive at would do no harm anatomical structure, but in the made to / The wedge-shaped pyramid positions.

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