How to Draw Anime & Game Characters, Vol. 1: Basics for by Tadashi Ozawa

By Tadashi Ozawa

Для просто начинающих рисовать - отличное пособие для постановки базовых навыков+удовольствие от интереснейшей темы. Для любителей, рисующих мангу/аниме (есть ведь и такие...) - добротный подарок, ибо присутствует указание на множество тонкостей и нюансов. Для профи - вспомните детство. Краткая структура пособия - 1. Базовые навыки вообще рисования и определенные художественные понятия. 2. Пути достижения выразительности аниме-героя. Приводится four примера: два для паренька, два для девушки. three. Рисование тела. four. Рисование деталей. five. Применение навыков - тест.

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__.......... ~""IrL... Clean up and refine the drawing and add in the final details. Erase the inside lines of his sleeve shapes and refine the outside lines to indicate wrinkles. Put some wrinkles in the body of the hoodie because his upper body is somewhat hunched up. Finally, add in little things like the buckles on his strap and the drawstring on his hood to give it that extra sense of realism. Use shades of gray and black for his clothes. Jb:i_ GRAFFITI ARTIST TIFF :: Tiff is the girl who is always doodling and drawing in her notebook, in between all the notes of course, during class.

52 STANDARD HEIGHT AND WEIGHT MUSCULAR CONSTRUCTION PETITE CONSTRUalON Make the arms and legs fuller and remember to match that with broader shoulders. 53 SINGER VERONICA :: She started out doing local talent shows, but now she draws huge crowds. Veronica’s a centered family girl with a truckload of determination. COISIDEI 'OUI CHIMmIS' CHlllmllmcs The personalities of the people you draw and paint should affect how you create them. a __... __ ... L_ .... character, think__of£ __what that person is like.

Iiiiii~~ cast in shadow. 55 GUITARIST 56 JACKSON :: Every time he performs you just know that everyone’s going to have a really fun and magical experience they’ll never forget. Jackson’s more concerned with his craft and music, but if fame follows, he won’t complain. Draw his hair as all one shape with little triangles at the ends to indicate a shaggy look. A little triangle becomes a soul patch on his chin, too. A couple of short, swift lines for his mouth create a calm and cool expression. You won't need as many folds for the more vintage look of his clothes.

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