How To Accelerate Your Internet by Rob Flickenger

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4: Authority for Internet IP address assignments is delegated to the five Regional Internet Registrars. net/) Chapter 3: Monitoring & Analysis 37 Your ISP will assign globally routable IP address space to you from the pool allocated to it by your RIR. The registry system assures that IP addresses are not reused in any part of the network anywhere in the world. Once IP address assignments have been agreed upon, it is possible to pass packets between networks and participate in the global Internet.

A node using DHCP first requests an IP address assignment from the network, and automatically configures its network interface. IP addresses can be assigned randomly from a pool by your ISP, or might be assigned according to a policy. IP addresses assigned by DHCP are valid for a specified time (called the lease time). The node must renew the DHCP lease before the lease time expires. Upon renewal, the node may receive the same IP address or a different one from the pool of available addresses. Dynamic addresses are popular with Internet service providers, because it enables them to have fewer IP addresses than their total number of customers.

8: Host G acts as a router between the two networks. This is a very simple routing example, where the destination is only a single hop away from the source. As networks get more complex, many hops may need to be made to reach the ultimate destination. Since it isn't practical for every machine on the Internet to know the route to every other, we make use of a routing entry known as the default route (also known as the default gateway). When a router receives a packet destined for a network for which it has no explicit route, the packet is forwarded to its default gateway.

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