Horace and Housman by Richard Gaskin (auth.)

By Richard Gaskin (auth.)

The lyric poems of Horace and Housman are enigmatic our bodies of labor that experience a lot in universal, and a detailed studying of every poet's writings can light up the other's. this is often the 1st booklet to supply an in depth, severe comparability among those poets, and in addition the 1st to use Housman's unpublished lectures on Horace.

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This is getting closer to the truth about Housman’s pejorism, at least in its first half. 69 We can, I think, best approach what Housman meant by the word “pejorist” if we steal a sidelong glance at the attitude to life that he expressed not in his poetry but in a letter he wrote to Gilbert Murray in April 1900: I rather doubt if man really has much to gain by substituting peace for strife, as you and Jesus Christ recommend. Sic notus Ulixes? do you think you can outwit the resourceful malevolence of Nature?

Noting that the occurrences of “hic” in the final sentence of the ode must refer to the satelles Orci, whoever that is, Nisbet and Hubbard continue, surely unanswerably: The pronoun . . ) and brings both constraint . . and relief. On the other hand if the satelles is Charon, then . . levare and . . vocatus audit (as well as the sacral hic) seem unsuitable; nobody called to Charon until he was on the bank of the Styx. ([2], p. 312) Pessimism and Pejorism 35 And surely not even then. In his apparatus criticus Shackleton Bailey suggests that the designation “satelles Orci” does not suit Mercury, who was after all the magni Iovis et deorum nuntius.

1], p. 55) Which might seem to offer us some measure of consolation. Housman himself remarked on the poem in a letter that “Judging from the context I should say that seeing the record cut is one of the unpleasant things which the athlete escapes by dying young” ([12], i, p. 573). But the phrase “unwithered on its curls” does not mean that the garland remains unwithered in the land of the dead, thus compensating the athlete for the fact that his record is quickly broken in the land of the living; it means that at that precise point—at the moment of the athlete’s entry to Hades—the garland is still ( just) unwithered.

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