History, Volume I, Books 14-19 (Loeb Classical Library No. by Ammianus Marcellinus, J. C. Rolfe

By Ammianus Marcellinus, J. C. Rolfe

Сохранившиеся части «Деяний» Аммиана Марцеллина, обычно объединяемые в его «Римскую историю». В ней вы найдете важные сведения о событиях 353-378 гг.

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Into French by T. Salvcte, with the Latin text, Collection Nisard, Paris, 1849. All these are based upon texts which differ from the present standard editions. Papers and monographs dealing with various phases of Ammianus and his work are very numerotis. On the text may be mentioned in addition to those cited by Clark in his Compendia R. Novak, Kritische Nachlese zu Ammianus Marcellinus, Wiener Studien, 33 (1912), P. H. Damste, Adversaria critica, Mnemosyne, pp. 293 ff. 1'HERB no is full ; ; : ; (1927), pp.

The edition of Hadrian Valesius. Codex Venetus, Bibl. S. Marc. 388, Bess. , pp. , Clark's Text Tradition; see p. xliv, note 3. AMMIANI xMARCELLINI RERUM GESTARUM LIBRI GUI VOL. I. SUPERSUNT AMMIANI MARCELLTNI RERUM GESTARUM LIBRI QUI SUPERSUNT LIBER XIV 1. ^ Post emensos insuperabilis expeditioniseventus, languentibus partium animis, quas periculorum varietas fregerat et laborum, nondum tubarum cessante clangore, vel milite locate per stationes hibernas, fortunae saevientis procellae tempestates alias rebus infudere - communibus, per multa ilia et dira facinora Caesaris Galli, qui ex squalore imo miseriarum, in aetatis adultae primitiis, ad principale culmen insperato saltu ^ provectus, ultra terminos 1.

Horace, Epist. i. 8, 2, etc. ». 353-4 was unable to seduce him; whereupon, gaining entrance to the palace by a secret door, she presented the queen with a valuable necklace, and thus the dispatch of his death-warrant to Honoratus, at that time Count of the East ^ and so Clematius, a man contaminated by no guilt, was put to death without being allowed to protest or even to open his lips. 4. After the perpetration of this impious deed, which now began to arouse the fears of others also, as if cruelty were given free rein, some persons were adjudged guilty on the mere shadow of suspicion and condemned.

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