Hidden Life in Freemasonry by C. W. Leadbeater

By C. W. Leadbeater

Written for the handful of Masons who search to appreciate the genuine occult-theosophical workings of Freemasonry. Contents: historical past of Masonry; The resort; The Fittings of the resort; initial Ceremonies; the outlet of the hotel; Initiation; the second one measure; The 3rd measure; the better levels; really good Rituals; ultimate the hotel. Leadbeater finds how the Masonic ritual is a systematic approach of energizing the Masonic resort and its devoted individuals so that it will lead to an attunement with the nice White hotel. (Another booklet we put up via Leadbeater, ''Glimpses of Masonic HIstory'' is a component of the ''Hidden lifestyles in Freemasonry''.)

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There are various lines along which the recollection of the way in which the work was done in ancient Egypt may be of use to us, for those people performed their ceremonies with full knowledge of their meaning, and so the points upon which they laid great stress are likely to be important to us also. 78. Deep reverence was their strongest characteristic. They regarded their temple much as the most earnest Christians regard their church, except that their attitude was dictated by scientific knowledge rather than by feeling.

This column is considered to be formed after the model of a muscular full-grown man; it shows strength and noble simplicity. 127. The Ionic column has twenty-four flutings and a length nine times its diameter. Its capital is adorned with two volutes, and its cornice with dentils. It is thought to be modelled with the grace of a beautiful woman, the volutes being suggested by the dressing of her hair. 128. The Corinthian Column is by far the most beautiful. Its flutings are not different from the Ionic, but its height is ten times its diameter, which gives a slender and very graceful appearance.

Plate III shows the form of the Lodge and the positions of the principal objects in it, as usually arranged by Co-Masons of the British jurisdiction. 97. The floor of the Lodge, technically speaking, is the mosaic pavement, which will be described among the ornaments of the Lodge. The correct shape for this is a double square - that is to say, a rectangle having a length double its breadth - and the Lodge may be thought of as a double cube standing on this floor. Considered as the entire room, the Lodge is a temple of humanity, and as such it may be taken to symbolize a man lying upon his back.

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