Heroes and Monsters: An Honest Look at the Struggle within by Josh James Riebock

By Josh James Riebock

Each one folks is either a hero and a monster, and the area we inhabit is either appealing and twisted. we're shaken through alterations, losses, profits, insights, wants, blunders, and transitions. And simply whilst we've gotten settled backtrack, issues get shaken up back. this is often the lifestyles we've been given. So how will we make experience of life's unforeseen nature, have the opportunity to embody the strain, and dwell with a feeling of peace regardless of pain?

In this stunningly sincere, compelling, and eventually hopeful e-book, Josh James Riebock explores problems with belief, obedience, intimacy, desires, grief, objective, and the unforeseen stops alongside the adventure that shape us into the folk we're. In an inventive method, he indicates readers that soreness and wonder are so inextricably associated that to lose the previous expenses us the latter.

Those grappling with life's inconsistencies and trials will specially discover a welcome resonance among their lives and Heroes and Monsters. Riebock either validates their studies and demanding situations them to dwell past them during this ever-changing existence.

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Don't belittle them. * 20 THE BLUE CLIFF RECORD For twenty years I have suffered bitterly; **This is your own fall into the weeds­ it's none of my business. * How many times I have gone down into the Blue Dragon's cave for you! **How was it worth this� Don't misuse your mind. * This distress **He saddens people to death. * Is worth recounting; **To whom would you speak of it? * Clear-eyed patchrobed monks should not take it lightly. **You must be even more thoroughgoing. Bah! * COMMENTARY When (the Sung Emperor) Shen Tsung was on the throne (1068-1085) he thought that this verse ridiculed the state, so he wouldn't let it be included in the (Buddhist) canon.

What does he 'see,' what is his sphere or state of realization), and what the person in that 'realm' is like. When Ch'an students experienced purity or bliss, or perceived Buddhas and bodhisattvas in their meditations, they were told these were merely ching, mental objects or 'states' which should not be acknowledged as desirable or approved as real attainments, lest one become intoxicated by one's state. Similarly, all kinds of hallucinations were called mo ching or 'demon states,' illusory objects or perceptions caused by 'demons' or 'devils' (whether these are inside or outside the mind is a pointless question here), obstructing the path of meditation.

What place is this here, to speak of difficulty or ease�* Picking and choosing� Clarity� You see for yourself! **Blind! " He raises one corner, but 14 THE BLUE CLIFF RECORD doesn't come back with the other three; when Hsueh Tau says, "In one there are many kinds; in two there's no duality," this is like three comers returning to one. But tell me, where is it that words are to the point, and speech is to the point? In one, why are nevertheless many kinds, yet in two there is no duality? If you don't have eyes, where will you seek?

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