Healing Pluto Problems by Donna Cunningham

By Donna Cunningham

Well-written and relocating account of Pluto within the natal chart, and the way Pluto features can have an effect on adolescence, maturity, and existence as a rule. Open dialogue of kid abuse, rape, incest, violence, repression, manipulative varieties and the way they bought that method. additionally integrated are how one can heal Pluto difficulties utilizing flower treatments, meditation and extra.

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As Rainer Maria Rilke said, "If I don't man age to fly, someone else will. Spirit wants only that there be flying. " U nless we are willing to totally dedicate our lives to that talent, we may not write our name on history. But talent IS transformative, and it can be powerful as a means of self-knowledge and self-expression. It can be a source of healing for ourselves and other people as well. Much time has been spent on the Pluto in Leo generation because it is the dominant adult group in the world today.

Women more often than men resort to this kind of manipu lation in order to have power. Power and control are the underlying issues of the planet Pluto, pure and simple. Since Pluto people are neither pure nor simple, however, their attempts to control come out in disguised ways-often disguised even from themselves. Control is achieved by such subtle means as manipulation, emotional blackmail, "helping," and guilt. Another characteristic of n egative Plutonians is their way of dealing with emotions.

Or, if your pals are Plutonian themselves, they will tell you what to do to get over these feelings and get annoyed when you don't. You finally learn to shut up, and the feelings become all the more awful for not being shared. Group therapy is extremely helpful for unspoken emotions. You can imagine that the last thing Plutonians want to do is reveal themselves in a group of strangers. One on one with someone we are payi ng to listen isn't so bad. We can pretty much control the situation-therapists don 't say much anyhow, and we can always fire them if we don't like their reactions.

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