Goths in the Fourth Century (Liverpool University Press - by Peter Heather

By Peter Heather

This quantity brings jointly many very important old texts, nearly all of them (speeches of Themistius, the eagerness of St Saba, and proof with regards to the existence and paintings of Ulfila) no longer formerly on hand in English translation. "...a compact and fascinating homemade equipment for the scholar of Gothic history... outstanding."—Bryn Mawr Classical evaluate

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18). Plutarch gives a figure of 30,000 for 3,000 darics (these are gold coins, first struck by Darius I) and describes a slightly different situation. It may be that Themistius has deliberately adapted the story to his context, opposition to the sale of office. 2). Goths4thCent_02_Ch2 29 6/12/04, 12:09 pm 30 THE GOTHS IN THE FOURTH CENTURY of greater importance to the king than the body of his kingdom. For it would be no mistake to call the land under his rule the body of the kingdom. As with our bodies, when, if any part of it is in distress, it transmits the pain to the whole, so it is with the whole kingdom: if a single city fares ill, it does not allow the empire as a whole to be in good health.

As part of the price he had to pay for their support after Constantius’ death, Julian seems to have allowed the eastern military to assert themselves over Constantius’ civilian and financial officers: Amm. Marc. 3, esp. 7ff. Aristides the Athenian was a byword for justice; cf. Plutarch’s Life, chaps. 4, 6–7, 22, 24, etc. 46 τ ν µ νον το το ργον πεποιηµ νων. The contrast in this allusive phrase is apparently between Valens, who has mastered the τ χνη, in the sense of ‘skilled understanding’, of the office of emperor, and other emperors who have performed it on a much lower level, as a routine task, or ργον.

Marc. 3. 3–5). The river may thus have formed a boundary between these two Gothic groups. 17 For an introduction to this problem, see Wolfram, History of the Goths, chap. 3; and for a more radical approach, Heather, Goths and Romans, chaps. 1 and 3–6. Goths4thCent_02_Ch2 16 6/12/04, 12:09 pm THEMISTIUS, ORATIONS 8 & 9 17 overturned the established order beyond the Danube. The first period preceded a major peace agreement in 332. In the 320s Goths intervened on behalf of Licinius in his civil war with Constantine, provoking a full-scale military response by the latter after his victory over Licinius.

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