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When 1 = I O-I~ W m< Note that since log 2 3 dB. 30. changing the sound intensity by a factor of 2 changes the sound intensity level by Some points on this scale are shown in Table I. At sound intensities above 1 W m- c pain is felt rather than sound being heard and damage to the ear may occur. Table 1 Some Sound Intensity Levels for Normal Human Hearing Sound intensity level (dB at 1000 Hz) 52 160 burst eardrum 120 threshold of pain 100 maximum output from large orchestra 80 loud radio 60 normal conversation 40 quiet radio 20 whisper o threshold of hearing The change in sound intensity level from normal conversation to the threshold of pain corresponds to an increase in sound intensity by a factor of A B 2.

The oxidation number of combined hydrogen is generally + I so the removal of hydrogen atoms is equivalent to oxidation. Question 54 B The removal of two hydrogen atoms from 2-butanol (CH3-CH2-CH(OH)-CH3) will produce methylethylketone (CH3-CH2-CO-CH3) which has the ruPAC name of butanone. Question 55 C Both primary and secondary alcohols have a hydrogen atom attached to the carbon atom to which is also attached the alcohol (-OH) group and so both can react withADH. Primary alcohols will produce aldehydes while secondary alcohols will produce ketones.

Mothers come from different clans to their children. so B is incorrect. Children are in different clans to their fathers. so D is incorrect. C is correct because children are in different clans to their father. Question 8 B This question is an interpretation of the symbols used in the Kariera table. A child of a father in clan A - c(A) - is in clan B. c (A) is the father of B. Question 9 A This question involves deductions about fami ly relationships in the Tarau system. In that system a father A has children that are B.

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