Gain: A Novel by Richard Powers

By Richard Powers

Richard Powers's achieve makes an attempt not anything under a background of the United States as informed throughout the story of a unique company. while 3 Boston service provider brothers coax from an Irish immigrant the key of constructing advantageous cleaning soap, they set in movement a sequence of occasions that may spin a family-run cottage soapworks right into a multinational consumer-goods gigantic by way of the millennium's end.Set opposed to the sweeping, 170-year upward push of the Clare cleaning soap and Chemical company is the modern tale of Laura Bodey, a real-estate dealer. Laura, her teenage teenagers, and her ex-husband all stay in Lacewood. Illinois, a spot that owes its very life to the nearby Clare factories that experience nursed town from not anything. The Clare Agricultural department now sponsors each point of Lacewood, from the corn boil to the varsity library. but if a cyst on Laura's ovary turns malignant and the neighborhood is implicated, the insignificant person and the company behemoth collide, endlessly altering the form of yankee life.

Gain examines the runaway test of contemporary company and the place that test has left us. achieve is instantaneously Powers's so much traditionally bold and his such a lot available novel thus far.

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