Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (P.S.) by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

This ebook is not a romance novel. certain the writer may have spiced it up yet it really is simply psychology. should you love psychology, you can find the intensity in it. if you are interpreting for leisure, then it can be a section dry for you. it truly is in truth a truly deep presentation on how the brain works and while it is at its top, and while it's not.

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Therefore, the information we allow into consciousness becomes extremely important; it is, in fact, what determines the content and the quality of life. ATTENTION AS PSYCHIC ENERGY Information enters consciousness either because we intend to focus attention on it or as a result of attentional habits based on biological or social instructions. For instance, driving down the highway, we pass hundreds of cars without actually being aware of them. Their shape and color might register for a fraction of a second, and then they are immediately forgotten.

With consciousness, we can deliberately weigh what the senses tell us, and respond accordingly. And we can also invent information that did not exist before: it is because we have consciousness that we can daydream, make up lies, and write beautiful poems and scientific theories. Over the endless dark centuries of its evolution, the human nervous system has become so complex that it is now able to affect its own states, making it to a certain extent functionally independent of its genetic blueprint and of the objective environment.

There is no need to worry, no reason to question one’s adequacy. ” The positive feedback strengthens the self, and more attention is freed to deal with the outer and the inner environment. Another one of our respondents, a worker named Rico Medellin, gets this feeling quite often on his job. He works in the same factory as Julio, a little further up on the assembly line. The task he has to perform on each unit that passes in front of his station should take forty-three seconds to perform—the same exact operation almost six hundred times in a working day.

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