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HTML Professional Projects

No different e-book on HTML deals a project-based technique for higher-end clients. This project-oriented process can provide hands-on workouts so you might practice within the actual global. "HTML expert tasks" specializes in constructing 4 forms of websites: company intranet, e-commerce, non-profit/ government-related, and public kin.

Beginning CS5 Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design

Cascading kind sheets (CSS) are the fashionable average for site presentation. whilst mixed with a structural markup language equivalent to HTML, XHTML, or XML (though now not restricted to these), cascading kind sheets supply net browsers with the data that permits them to provide all of the visible points of an internet rfile.

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Htm in your Web browser. Figure 1-24 shows the revised page with the address text. Figure 1-23 HTML 28 HTML and XHTML Tutorial 1 Developing a Web Page Figure 1-24 Address text on Dave’s Web page address text is displayed in an italics font The address text appears in italics at the bottom of the page. Note that the company name, street address, city, state, and phone number all appear to run together. Remember that the browser ignores the occurrence of line breaks, tabs, and other white space in your text document.

P> 3. Click the Preview Code button to display this paragraph in the Preview box. To mark "Dave’s Devil Sticks" as boldface text, you can enclose that phrase within a set of tags. 4. Insert a tag directly before the word “Dave’s” in the box on the left. ” Click the Preview Code button to confirm that “Dave’s Devil Sticks” is now displayed in bold. You can use the tag to mark italicized text. Try this now by enclosing "David Vinet" within a set of tags. 5. Insert an tag directly before the word “David” and insert the closing tag directly after “Vinet”.

Trouble? If you’re not sure how to open a local file with your browser, check for an Open or Open File command under the browser’s File menu. htm file, talk to your instructor or technical resource person. Your browser displays the Web page shown in Figure 1-8. Note that the page title appears in the browser’s title bar; and if your browser supports tabs, it also appears in the tab title. The page itself is empty because you have not yet added any content to the body element. Tutorial 1 Developing a Web Page HTML and XHTML Viewing a page title in the browser window HTML 15 Figure 1-8 page title appears in the title bar page title appears on the browser tab no content appears in the page body You’ve completed the head section of the HTML document.

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