English Colour Terms by Anders Steinvall

By Anders Steinvall

There are numerous diverse color phrases in such a lot languages of the area. This learn examines how English color phrases are utilized in an intensive computerised textual content corpus. concentrating on these events while a color time period may well seek advice from peripheral nuances or could evoke meanings which are outdoor the color area, and using the theoretical framework of cognitive linguistics, the learn demonstrates that occurrences of peripheral meanings may be modelled at the current proposal of the color area. 3 sorts of utilization are pointed out because the assets of "stretched" meanings: classifying utilization, figurative utilization and marked utilization. the 1st express similarities and are essentially limited to the main uncomplicated color phrases, whereas the 3rd exhibits that non-basic phrases can be utilized to accomplish markedness effects.

On the root of the styles of utilization that may be verified and the frequency of occurrences, this thesis means that the color type might be analysed as a radial type, with the main simple phrases forming the centre.

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Intimately linked with the idea of context is the theoretical construct of mental spaces (Fauconnier 1994, 1997). Fauconnier (1994: 16) describes metal spaces as structured, incrementable sets […] with elements (a, b, c, …) and relations holding between them (R1ab, R2a, R3cbf, …), such that new elements can be added to them and new relations established between their elements. Less technically, we can view a mental space as our mental representation of ongoing discourse, or possibly of an ongoing situation.

They explore the usage of certain colour terms in well-defined text corpora. Thus, Maxwell-Stuart examines the use of the terms γλαυκός (glaukos – ‘blue-grey’22) and χαροπός (charopos23) in Classical Greek on the basis of listed textual sources, Brenner analyses the meaning of the colour terms appearing in the Old Testament, and Biggam investigates how the colour areas BLUE and GREY were designated in Old English on the basis of, again, well-defined textual evidence. , for example, Barley (1974), Burnley (1976, 1992), Krieg (1976), Moonwomon (1994), Shields (1979) and Wescott (1975).

It is curious also that the entire discussion of color categories […] has chosen to relegate true ethnographic existence of color terms and percepts – their actual cultural significance as codes of social, economic, and ritual value – to a secondary place of connotation. [---] And as Saussure himself foresaw, when language is thus taken for a mere nomenclature rather than a differential system of meaningful values, cognition will be reduced to recognition, concept to percept, sign to signal – and in the end, culture to nature.

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