Educating Counseling and Healing with Nature by Michael J. Cohen

By Michael J. Cohen

Find a new, medical, web-of-life, treatment event: how a nature-connected, holistic, sensory ecology for wellbeing and fitness and wellbeing improves our serious pondering, feeling and wellbeing and fitness. discover why our psyche advantages from the grace of nature's stability and renewing powers. research a left-handed, outdoors Ph.D. Ecopsychology artwork, how Earth communicates with us via fifty three empirical ordinary senses and sensitivities, our larger energy love for spirituality, neighborhood, cause and belief; awareness, attractiveness and song. we're swimming within the international environment, the better energy center and spirit of our lives. grasp the Ecotherapy of business Western Society's prejudice to suppress our organic inheritance, our instincts to speak with our planet. observe a healing, experiential treatment for our damaging greed, pressure, melancholy and excessiveness difficulties, for our abusiveness and chemical dependency relationships.

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While I thought of being 'webstring connected' my disturbed situation dissolved and I felt support within the area. I have always turned to nature in moments of uncertainty, confusion, or frustration, so my writing may not sound very enthusiastic; in fact I feel strange saying it out loud. Whenever I have been bummed-out throughout my life, I immediately go on a hike, camp, surf or at least a long walk. ” - Journal of an Anonymous Webstring Model Participant The Model recognizes that nature loves to support itself and that it can safely help people heal their subdued or injured nature as part of its quest for global well-being.

Journal of an Anonymous Webstring Model Participant Another participant emailed: “It is now snowing and very cold. To do this activity I asked permission to enter the sacred natural space of my backyard. It was much quieter today, no birds chirping. I was immediately attracted to the gently falling snow and how peaceful it is. My hurt webstrings took joy in this because for so long in my life I could not find peace. I thought of myself as unworthy of being loved, a very imperfect being. That often played out in my relationships with others, especially men, because I never felt good enough for my father.

Definition of Terms Natural Attraction: Things in nature that draw together. Webstrings: Attractions in nature whose flow holds the world together. At least 53 of them register in human consciousness as natural senses, sensations and sensitivities. Abstract: the ability to shortcut, to draw away, disassociate from, or to represent. Self-evidence: a validation of what humanity registers senses or feels from experience. Nature: the non-literate, unadulterated, biological sensitivity attraction process of the eons.

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