Dungeon, Fire and Sword: The Knights Templar in the Crusades by John J. Robinson

By John J. Robinson

Over the last thousand years, the bloodiest video game of the king-of-the-hill has been for supremacy at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the positioning of the traditional Temple of Solomon. This booklet recounts the stirring saga of the Knights Templar, the Christian warrior-monks who occupied the sacred Mount within the aftermath of the butchery of the 1st campaign. Recruited to a lifetime of poverty, chastity and obedience meant to guide purely to martyrdom at the battlefield, they have been completely devoted to the pious paradox that the wholesale slaughter of non-believers could earn the everlasting gratitude of the Prince of Peace. The Templars gathered nice wealth, which they used to finance their 2 hundred years of warfare opposed to Muslims at the desolate tract, within the mountains, and up the extensive sweep of the Nile valley. The Templars' gift for these centuries of army martyrdom used to be to be arrested by way of pope and king, tortured via the Inquisition, and at last decreed out of lifestyles. yet their legend and legacy simply wouldn't die. In telling the marvelous tale of the Knights Templar, the author's transparent clarification of the cultural and non secular modifications one of the Templars' enemies and neighbors within the heart East offers clean realizing of the folks who populate this stressed sector. listed here are the Sunnies and the Shiites, the Kurds and Armenians, the Arabs and Turks, who determine so prominently in ultra-modern headlines. The similarity in their antagonisms at the present time and people of 8 hundred years in the past are frequently so outstanding as to be eerie. Dungeon, fireplace & Sword is a superb paintings of narrative background that may be learn as an experience tale, a morality play, or a lesson within the politics of battle.

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Archbishop Daimbert misunderstood their motives. Godfrey was truly recognizing the supremacy of the Church, while the two princes were asserting that they did not hold their crowns as vassals of Godfrey. Daimbert was disturbed that Baldwin of Edessa had not knelt before him. Did this Baldwin not recognize any power above his own? Did he not recognize the supremacy of Holy Mother Church? He was a man of proven ambition and would bear watching. Daimbert saw the kingdom of Jerusalem as a papal province, with himself as the sole and proper ruler.

He sent men to occupy the Tower of David and dispatched messengers to Edessa to inform Baldwin of Godfrey's death. He did not send any messengers to the army, which had changed its target from Acre to the smaller city of Haifa, and sent no message to Patriarch Daimbert. A Venetian in Jerusalem sent the news to his own fleet, so the Venetian admiral took a galley to meet with Tancred and Daimbert, to see if Godfrey's passing was going to alter their joint plans. Daimbert was convinced that no one in Jerusalem would contest Godfrey's will, but just to be certain he sent a messenger to Jerusalem with instructions for his followers to take the Tower of David and hold it for Daimbert's return.

In exchange he pledged war service to the man who gave him the land, for a specified number of days each year. He loathed the concept of poverty. He needed money for horses, armor, weapons, and servants. He needed money for his own household. If he fought beyond the contract period, he negotiated for pay. He was always on the lookout for loot. He learned as part of his informal training that common soldiers could be killed freely, but that he must not kill men of obvious rank and wealth unless absolutely necessary to save his own life.

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