Drawing Architecture AD (Architectural Design) by Neil Spiller

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When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. ’4 1 Notes 1. Vladimir Nabokov, Bend Sinister, Henry Holt Publishers (New York), 1947, p 152. 2. Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, WW Norton & Company (New York), A Norton Critical Edition, 1971, pp 59–60. 3. Michael Rivard, Esq, ‘Constitutional Personhood’, Journal of Personal Cyberconsciousness, Vol 2, No 4, 2007: www. html. 4. Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass, WW Norton & Company (New York), A Norton Critical Edition, 1971, p 152.

46 New Malacovia is an infinite miniature landscape and portable city. 2 The story tells of the migration during the Crimean War of the city’s leader, a Nogai prince and inventor, with his compatriots to a new settlement in the Danube River delta. The prince was born in the Crimea, an island of rich pastures, and spent his youth in metropolitan St Petersburg. As a result, New Malacovia exists as a hybrid of rural and urban landscapes, acquiring parallel yet distinct characteristics. It is a vast prairie of windows, a flattened interpretation of Nevsky Avenue, St Petersburg’s main boulevard, which stretches into the vastness of the river valley.

In the foreground is a Malacovian desk, a piano-like intervention that allows its citizens to control their city by playing it. opposite: Section through the Malacovian hub. The central hub and laboratory feeds on light to grow upwards through the pixel blanket, and is the sole connection point with the outside world. The hub is densely packed with fibre-optic cables that carry light to the infinite windows. 45 In his 2009 award-winning design thesis project for the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL), Pascal Bronner evokes the imaginary land of New Malacovia.

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