Drawing and Perceiving: Life Drawing for Students of by Douglas Cooper

By Douglas Cooper

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In Like the strait mentioned above , harbors, such situations, the dime nsi ons o f space a re bays, sounds, channels, and seas are all condiunderstood, even felt, because they simp ly tions where a body of wate r is shaped by the must be attended to. surround ing and more prevalent d ry land . atz (the clam-shaped piazza). Amer- icans compare it to a fan. It is interesting that both of these words refer to so lids. And this fact is precisely the poi nt. Where the shape of a space is so distinct that it may be compared to a solid, empty space takes on a pecu liar quali ty.

84 Joseph Romano. Engaging the Visual World 55 SPACE 7 Draw the depth in an elevation. Ebony pencil, white prismacolor, chipboard This exercise, which I conduct as a group exercise, has the same objective as the previous one, though it represents depth somewhat d ifferently. In the previo us exercise, you darkened o nly those areas that were further away. In effect, you consi dered the white page as a foreground o f sorts. The surface for this exercise is neutral gray, and you use it as a m iddleground.

Newsprint Th e model will take a series of quick, active poses that will last less than a minute. As th e model holds a pose, let your crayon sweep freely and continuously around the paper. Move it rapidly and let it be driven by a sense of the forces present in the pose. Where an arm is held limp, let your lines also be limp. Where a foot is pushing off the floor, l et your lines also push off the floor. Try not to draw the appearance of the model. Rather, try to draw the activity of the model.

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