Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals: A Mixed-Media by Carla Sonheim

By Carla Sonheim

Rediscover a extra child-like method of growing with Drawing and portray Imaginary Animals! via enjoyable and artistic routines, Carla Sonheim teaches you to attract a number of enjoyable animals and creatures, including:

Dogs - Birds - Elephants - Fish - Cats - Rabbits - Fluffalumps - and lots of others!

You'll additionally discover a number of distinctive mixed-media concepts that will help you convey your creatures to lifestyles, leading to a distinct complete artwork piece. enhance your drawing talents, extend your creativity, and study new paintings techniques--and have a great deal of enjoyable doing it!--with Drawing and portray Imaginary Animals.

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STEP 5: Fill in the Trees When you have finished your text, go back in and erase your guidelines, then carefully draw in any trees that may have been partially erased in step 1, filling them out and making them look like part of the wood. Once the trees are in, you have a nicely labeled forest. LABELING COUNTRIES AND REGIONS STEP 1: Approximate the Region Script Area Select the area that will receive a country or region label and approximate how much area you will need for the text. Use your 2H pencil and lightly mark the beginning and end of the area.

Remember that rivers will often begin in the middle of two mountain or hill ranges, so you should place your river somewhere near a range and have it end in the sea. Rivers sometimes originate from lakes too, though most lakes never spawn more than a single major river, and some rivers will flow through a lake and on down to the coast. STEP 2: Develop the First River Line When you are happy with the initial placement of your river, it’s time to draw it in darker. Take your HB pencil and follow the general direction of your guiding line.

Be creative with your routes; they will often be long but with many branches that go to different destinations. STEP 1: Start the Sea Route When making a sea route, draw thick dotted lines between two cities, either across from each other over a sea or lake, or on the same coastline. Be careful to keep the dots similar to one another. STEP 2: Extend the Sea Route Once your first trade route is completed, go on and connect multiple cities together. Special Locations When the deep woods need a hidden Elven stronghold, the tall mountains have a mighty dragon nesting in them, or an evil wizard needs a large and impenetrable tower where his hordes of minions can issue forth from to terrorize the free folk, you need to draw in some creative locations.

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