Draw 50 Aliens: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw UFOs, Galaxy by Lee J. Ames, Ric Estrada

By Lee J. Ames, Ric Estrada

Alien fever is working excessive: the Alien videos and reissue of the celebrity Wars trilogy have made outer area attention-grabbing to a complete new new release of youngsters. And who greater to assist budding artists grasp their drawings of the pleasant people from the ultimate frontier than Lee Ames--creator of the phenomenally profitable Draw 50 series?

An perfect software for younger artists or the dad or mum or instructor looking to aid a baby grasp their inventive talents, Draw 50 extraterrestrial beings comprises creatures from each stroll of the galaxy: Ames offers directions for drawing UFOs, Nebula Nomads, Milky manner Marauders, and each different form of extraterrestrial. And, within the culture of the Draw 50 sequence, all of those characters are funny, lovely, and intensely obtainable for children.

With over million copies in print, the Draw 50 sequence has effectively proven little ones tips to create every thing from a robin to a spaceship, Tyrannosaurus rex to John the Baptist. yet with Draw 50 extraterrestrial beings, Ames has--perhaps as by no means before--hit upon a deeply beautiful topic, person who faucets into children's feel of ask yourself and may maintain them forever entertained and without end sketching away.

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Adding Shadows Look at a bunch of grapes as a group of spheres. You can place all the shadow areas of the grapes (form shadows) on the sides that are opposite the light source. Then you can also block in the shadows that the grapes throw on one another and on the surrounding surface (cast shadows). DRAWING CAST SHADOWS Cast shadows are important in drawing for two reasons. First, they anchor the image, so it doesn’t seem to be floating in air. Second, they add visual interest and help link objects together.

When drawing flowers, as with any subject, take it one step at a time: blocking in the overall shape, refining the lines, and then developing the form with shading. SHADING THE SUBJECT My favorite technique for shading in flowers and leaves is hatching, which is essentially just a series of parallel lines. I draw them close together when I want a dark value and space them farther apart when I want a lighter look. Hatch marks drawn quickly and loosely have a lively effect, while controlled, evenly spaced marks are best for more formal arrangements and flowers with a lot of precise detail.

For example, a ball and a grapefruit are spheres, a jar and a tree trunk are cylinders, a box and a building are cubes, and a pine tree and a funnel are cones. Sketching the shapes and developing the forms is the first step of every drawing. After that, it’s essentially just connecting and refining the lines and adding details. Creating Forms Here are diagrams showing how to draw the forms of the four basic shapes. The ellipses show the backs of the circle, cylinder, and cone, and the cube is drawn by connecting two squares with parallel lines.

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