Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America: Lost History by Frank Joseph

By Frank Joseph

The nursery rhyme starts off, "In fourteen hundred and 92, Columbus sailed the sea blue." much less recognized is the road that follows: "…to study if the previous maps have been true." How can there be "old maps" of a land nobody knew existed? have been others the following prior to Columbus? What have been their purposes for coming and what unexplained artifacts did they depart at the back of? The oceans have been highways to the United States instead of limitations, and whilst discoverers placed ashore, they have been greeted via strange population. In gaining knowledge of the Mysteries of historical the United States, the writer of The Atlantis Encyclopedia turns his sextant in the direction of this hemisphere. here's a selection of the main arguable articles chosen from seventy problems with the notorious historic American journal. they vary from the invention of Roman relics in Arizona and California's chinese language treasure, to Viking rune-stones in Minnesota and Oklahoma and the mysterious religions of historic americans. Many questions can be raised together with: What function did extraterrestrials have within the lives of historical civilizations? What historic pyramids and towers let us know concerning the those who equipped them? Are they a few type of portals to a different measurement? What prehistoric applied sciences were found, and what can they let us know approximately early settlers, their spiritual ideals, and attainable other-worldly viewers? Did El Dorado exist, and what of the mythical Fountain of juvenile? used to be Atlantis in Cuba? What are America’s misplaced races and what occurred to them? researching the Mysteries of old the US brings to the fore the once-hidden actual previous of America’s earliest civilizations Frank Joseph is the writer of The Atlantis Encyclopedia (New web page Books), in addition to a dozen different books on historical past, prehistory, and metaphysics. He has been the editor-in-chief of historic American journal because its first factor in 1993. He lives in Wisconsin. Wayne may possibly is the founder-publisher of historical American. Laura Lee is the award-winning manufacturer and host of the nationally syndicated "The Laura Lee Show". David Hatcher Childress wrote the best-selling misplaced towns sequence. Zecharia Sitchin is the writer of the best-selling Earth Chronicles sequence. Andrew Collins is world-renowned for his constant bestsellers, together with Gateway to Atlantis.

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When a scientist quotes a number for a radiometric date, he or she is actually quoting the mid-point of a possible range for that date. ” It is much shorter and quicker that way. We were shocked by the dates obtained from shell and bone found close to the stone artifact in the same sedimentary layer: 21,800+/-850 years by the Carbon-14 method; 22,000+/2,000 years and 20,000+/1,500 years from the uranium-series. ” It can be fitted in anywhere, from ancient to modern times. We were very lucky to have even that one, because it was associated with materials that could be dated.

Though we heartily congratulate Mr. ” This page intentionally left blank Chapter 2: Ancient Technology CHAPTER 2: Ancient Technology E GYPTIAN I NFLUENCE ON A MERICA Laura Lee is an award-wining producer and host of a nationally syndicated radio talk-program, “The Laura Lee Show,” since 1990. During the course of hundreds of broadcasts, she has introduced leading authorities on alternative history and technology to millions of listeners from coast to coast, including some of the authors featured in this collection.

What if Barney was right after all? If his dates were indeed correct, I’d never find a match between the volcanic layers at Hueyatlaco and those on La Malinche volcano. The matching layers would be too deeply buried in the flanks of the mountain, covered by a quarter million years of younger material. There was also other geologic evidence that the site was old. When one takes into account the bluff behind the excavations, the artifactbearing layers at Hueyatlaco were buried by more than 30 feet of younger material.

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