Dictionary of demons : a guide to demons and demonologists by Fred Gettings

By Fred Gettings

3000 demonic names

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After the Magician hath satisfied himself with inquiries, and curious questions unto the Spirit, there will come from amongst the company a little Spirit of a span long, like a little Ethiop, which the great King Balkin will deliver unto the Exorcist to continue as a Familiar with him as long as his life shall last (The Discoverie of Witchcraft, 1584, Book 15, chapter 9) . Ballisargon One of the seven bad daemons mentioned by Scot (see CONJURATION). 45 Baltazo Baltazo The name of a demon who is supposed to have possessed one Nicole Aubry at Laon in 1566.

Liferate. According to some the name should be However, technical progress is seen as a crafty spelled 'Baalzebub' (see BAAL), but that since this device to alienate men further from the angelical means 'Lord of the High House' and might beings and God. The Russian word lukhavi, wrongly be taken to be Solomon (in reference to which means 'crafty one', is one of the names his temple), the Jews therefore changed the used for the Devil. name to 'Lord of the Flies' . These etymologies may be correct, but the Beelzebub's Tales See BEELZEBUB and notion of a Lord of the Flies is also classical, for it GURDJIEFF.

ASTAROTH is the grimoire tradition. prince of accusers and inquisitors and Pytho the Barqu See BARKU. prince of lies. ". Baruchas See STEGANOGRAPHIC DEMONS. Basilisk A crown-headed serpent which appears in many occult images. It is demonic only in the sense that it is often taken to represent the power of the EVIL EYE. This notion is derived from the ancient belief that the basilisk could kill merely by means of its glance. Bast See AINI. Bathin Sometimes Bathym, Mathim or Marthim, this demon is one of the three named by Reginald SCOT in his instructions on 'How to raise up the three Spirits, Paymon, Bathin and Barma' (The Discoverie oJ Witchcraft, 1584, Book 15, chapter 3).

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