Despicable Meme: The Absurdity and Immorality of Modern by D. Cameron Webb

By D. Cameron Webb

Despicable Meme is D. Cameron Webb’s short yet biting attack at the huge spectrum of religiosity that dominates twenty first century the US, from the hateful and anti-intellectual dogma of the Christian correct to the whitewashed progressivism of spiritual moderates. it's also a desirable and humbling trip into the guts of the universe's such a lot mind-numbing wonders.

Drawing on contemporary insights from cosmology and evolution, Despicable Meme paints a brilliant portrait of a cosmos in contrast to whatever ever imagined by way of the provincial, human-centered faiths of the earlier – a universe of numerous worlds unfold throughout unfathomable distances and instances, and the place, on no less than a type of worlds, the gradual march of time might mix with the purposeless mechanisms of chemistry and physics to create a being in a position to believing that he by myself is the cause of all of it.

With piercing intelligence and candor, Despicable Meme exposes the folly of that conceit and dispenses with the frequent yet totally inconceivable concept of a private author. however it saves its cruelest feedback for the vapid accommodationism of spiritual liberals, those that unknowingly or uncaringly supply hide to the misogynistic, racist, homophobic paranoia of the fans by way of refusing to sentence, or quietly tolerating, the outlandish and immoral doctrines that lie festering on the middle in their personal “moderate” faiths.

Despicable Meme is not just a blistering condemnation of radical fundamentalism, it truly is an impassioned attract the remainder of us to as soon as and for all abandon the superstitions of the faith we have been raised in and include the great thing about an without end wondrous, yet godless, universe.

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When the people link with and co-operate with the cosmic beings who fully understand how to work with elements and elemental beings, the ancient wisdom will return. In addition the seventh-dimensional beings are all assisting the portals to wake up. ~ Africa after Atlantis – The Dogons ~ The Dogons originated from Lakumay, an ascended planet of Sirius. At the fall of Atlantis, the High Priest Ra led his tribe to Egypt and part of it moved further south to Mali, where they became the Dogons. The Dogons listen well.

I write about them in The Codes of Power, my second spiritual novel. The KEY of the Aborigines is to listen to the sound of the didgeridoo while feeling your feet in the Earth and love in your heart. The SOUND is that of the didgeridoo balancing the masculine and the feminine. The COLOUR is green. E X ERC IS E : Visualization to learn from the wise Aborigine elders 1. Find a space where you can be quiet and still. 2. Light a candle if possible to raise the vibration. 3. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Find somewhere out in nature and if possible touch a rock, a tree or some water. 2. Breathe in the peace and love of nature until you feel really comfortable. 3. Look at the sky and breathe that peace and love to the sun or the moon. 4. Imagine the stars that are there waiting to come out and breathe peace and love to them. 5. Breathe peace and love to the mountains, rocks, oceans and rivers. 10 13:40 T he A ncient C ultures - T he I N C A S 6. Breathe peace and love to the trees and flowers, people, animals and elementals.

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