Decolonizing and Feminizing Freedom: A Caribbean Genealogy by Denise Noble

By Denise Noble

This e-book lines the robust discourses and embodied practices in which Black Caribbean girls were imagined and produced as topics of British liberal rule and smooth freedom. It argues that during looking to get away liberalism’s gendered and racialised governmentalities, Black women’s daily self-making practices build decolonising and feminising epistemologies of freedom. those, in flip, again and again interrogate the colonial logics of liberalism and Britishness. Genealogically established, the e-book starts off with the narratives of freedom and id awarded by way of Black British Caribbean girls. It then analyses serious moments of predicament in British racial rule at domestic and in a foreign country within which gender and Caribbean ladies determine as issues of shock. Post-war Caribbean immigration to the united kingdom, decolonisation of the British Caribbean and the post-emancipation reconstruction of the British Caribbean loom huge in those concerns. In doing all of this, the writer unravels the colonial legacies that proceed to underwrite modern British multicultural anxieties. This thought-provoking paintings will attract scholars and students of social and cultural historical past, politics, feminism, race and postcoloniality.

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That is why it is important to speak of ‘powers’ in the plural (Rose 1999) because this helps to remind us of the slippery terrain we are on. Foucault invites us to think of freedom not as something existing outside power, or different from power, but just one of the many identities that power may take. In other words, in liberal society, power is multiple and everywhere—‘not because it embraces everything but because it comes from everywhere’ (Foucault 1978, 93), even in the face of its representational denial.

Each chapter of this book addresses diverse statements constituting contested discourses of Black Caribbean women in relation to freedom as an everyday state of being and freedom as a practice of liberal rule. In his earlier work on discourse, Foucault explained that a ‘discursive formation’ (Foucault 1972) indicates a network of power relations, structures, representations and disciplinary regimes in which bodies are constituted within particular subject positions as both the effect and the target of discourse (Goldberg 1990, 298).

It can also refer to the process whereby increased social capital becomes invested in certain skills stereotypically associated with women or femininity where this was not previously the case. Feminization then can be ascribed to variously gendered bodies. However, feminization and its association with femininity and woman can also connote demasculinization, since within the Western heterosexual matrix masculinity and femininity are typically regarded as opposed; but it may not necessarily do so.

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