Cycad Classification: by Terrence Walters, Roy Osborne

By Terrence Walters, Roy Osborne

Cycads resemble hands, yet are taxonomically rather various. they're a major and irreplaceable element of the planet's organic range, having advanced numerous and sometimes distinct morphological, anatomical and biochemical gains in the course of their 250-million-year evolutionary historical past. Many cycad species exist at the present time purely as small, poorly-known or remoted populations or as decorative species in botanic gardens. that allows you to comprehend totally, in addition to to preserve, this across the world endangered tropical plant crew, it really is paramount that cycad systematics is studied, documented and refined.This quantity offers the present country of our wisdom of the systematics of the nearly three hundred species of cycads. It contains contributions from major researchers from Australia, China, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and the united states. it's been constructed from papers offered at a workshop held in 2002 on the Montgomery Botanical heart.

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Walter and Gillett (1998) also included Cycas celebica Miquel, which is now considered synonymous with C. , 2003). Species classified as Extinct (pre-1994 categories) or Extinct in the Wild (IUCN, 1994) provide a useful starting point for exploring the influence of taxonomic uncertainty on Red Listing. Until 1995, only Encephalartos woodii was classified as an Extinct species and this status has been consistent in later assessments. Y. C. K. Fu and Zamia monticola Chamberlain as Extinct taxa. Cycas szechuanensis was first classified as Extinct because it was known only in cultivation.

Nevertheless, this is shown to be a useful character for defining and recognizing several groups. , 1998) and in subdividing the genus (Warburg, 1900; Pilger, 1926). This character is highly variable in most if not all species, with only a slight tendency for mainland Asian species to carry fewer ovules (CI 9%, Fig. 3C). The degree of overlap, however, renders this character ineffective both in recognizing species and in defining groups. Megasporophyll pectinate The pectinate state is shown to be ambiguous (Fig.

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