Critical Psychiatry: The Limits of Madness by Double, D.B. Double

By Double, D.B. Double

Psychiatry is more and more ruled through the reductionist declare that psychological ailment is because of neurobiological abnormalities. serious psychiatry disagrees with this and proposes a extra moral beginning for perform. This publication describes an unique framework for renewing psychological overall healthiness companies in alliance with individuals with psychological illnesses.

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Laing helped to articulate for the counter-culture the need for the free spirit of the age to escape from the nightmare of the world (Nuttall, 1970). In 1965 Laing and colleagues founded the Philadelphia Association (PA) as a charity. The PA leased Kingsley Hall, which was the first of several therapeutic community households that it established. Kingsley Hall did not attempt to 'cure' but provided a place where 'some may encounter selves long forgotten or distorted' (Schatzman, 1972). The local community was largely hostile to the project.

It has fostered the development of several therapeutic community households in London. Its training courses, although psychoanalytically orientated, built on Laing's interests in social phenomenology and spiritual traditions. The PA is now a member of the psychoanalytic and psychodynamic section of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), as is the Arbours Association. Members of the PA households are encouraged to be in individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The cost of staying in the houses has been funded by housing benefit and the social housing maintenance grant, unlike the Arbours Association which charges a fee.

Hence the therapeutic use of drugs, psychosurgery and other physical methods as fundamental in the treatment of psychosis and neurosis. There is a huge literature criticising this picture which I cannot attempt to summarise. I mention McDowell's book Mind and World as it is a recent work and has been much commented on (Smith, 2002; Alweiss, 2000). He recaptures the Aristotelian idea that the normal mature human being is a rational animal, that is, our rationality is part of our animal nature but becomes our second nature.

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