Counselling Skills for Becoming a Wiser Practitioner: Tools, by Tony Evans, Christiane Sanderson

By Tony Evans, Christiane Sanderson

Conveying the truth of the counselling room, this publication presents invaluable suggestions and methods to permit practitioners to strengthen and refine their skills.

on the middle of this publication is the assumption of 'situated action'. through this we suggest postponing merely highbrow colleges and exploring a unique form of intelligence - one formed within the genuine international - in essence what occurs to conception whilst it meets actual lifestyles. This booklet bargains thirty 4 abilities to accomplish this sort of perform knowledge which include a mix of mirrored image, consumer tales, charges and images.

this article will translate thought into perform for college kids and be a resource of notion and mirrored image for the skilled practitioner.

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A central truth of the situated action-reflective practice approach is that moving into new, challenging and unknown territory is nearly always going to be accompanied by high levels of anxiety. When human beings experience overwhelming feelings of anxiety the autonomic nervous system responds to signals from the amygdala in the reptilian part of the human brain and goes into fight, flight or freeze mode. The body responds to these signals by releasing huge amounts of adrenaline and cortisol and we notice bodily signals: such as increased heart rate, sweating, blood flowing to the major muscle groups and away from the body’s extremities and rising feelings of fear, dread, panic or terror accompanied by cognitive distortions about our sensations which lead to catastrophic misinterpretations of what the body is doing and what this means.

This is the source of all performance anxiety – in therapy, in business, in acting. Over many years of discussing, teaching, living and working with this set of lived phenomena I have outlined a very useful metaphor for how the well fills up: a number of streams of living water that flow into the well and replenish its supply – the streams fill the bucket with that intangible something which appears when we enter the real-world territory of practice. I have encouraged students, clients, colleagues and myself to reflect on these streams, to discuss and to journal around them, to act them out, draw them and feel them – to practise them as frequently as possible so that we can recognise and understand their existence within the self.

The truth is, only if I plunge into the water will I find that it can uphold me. No one else can do that for me, or tell me it is so. I must take the plunge, and uncover that truth about my relationship to the water only from within it. If I refuse submersion due to what ‘might’ happen when I jump in, and will only entertain jumping in if I can be given iron-clad reassurances and protections in regard to what I imagine as the worst, then I will have excused myself from ever trying the water. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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