Confusion No More: For the Spiritual Seeker by Ramesh S. Balsekar

By Ramesh S. Balsekar

Publish 12 months note: First released August 1st 2007

Many religious seekers this day are harassed. They think enlightenment as a nation of excellent peace solely indifferent from worldly issues, and think upset or insufficient once they don’t reach that excellent. Ramesh S. Balsekar, a self-realized sage whose teachings have reached hundreds of thousands, bargains a down-to-earth message that corrects this false impression. With eloquence and humor, he indicates how spirituality and everyday life can exist in concord. We triumph over our confusion once we settle for that no matter what exists within the second is exactly as it’s alleged to be, in keeping with the Cosmic legislation that's perpetually past the seize of the human mind. With jargon-free simplicity, he explains how to define actual peace via studying to understand the oneness of all issues.

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I have been reading the Five Hymns. I find that the hymns are addressed by you to Arunachala. But you are a non-dualist, so how can you address God as a separate Being? : The devotee, God and the hymns are all the Self. : But you are addressing God. You are specifying this Arunachala Hill as God. : You can identify the Self with the body, so why shouldn’t the devotee identify the Self with Arunachala? : If Arunachala is the Self, why should it be specifically picked out among so many other hills?

The central point is just the thing. : It is not clear to me what you mean by that. : That you should find the centre. : I come from God. Isn’t God distinct from me? : Who asks this question? God does not. You do. So find who you are and then you may find out whether God is distinct from you. : But God is perfect and I am imperfect. How can I ever know Him fully? : God does not say so. It is you who ask the question. After finding out who you are, you may know what God is. : But you have found your Self.

How can the intellect, which can never reach the Self, be competent to ascertain and much less decide the nature of the final state of Realization? It is like trying to measure the sunlight at its source by the standard of the light given by a candle. The wax will melt down before the candle comes anywhere near the sun. 74 Sometimes questions were also asked about the multiple gods of Hinduism. In this connection it should be explained that Hindus, like Christians or Muslims, worship the One God.

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