Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality by Marsha Linehan

By Marsha Linehan

This quantity is the authoritative presentation of Dialectical habit treatment (DBT), Linehan's complete, built-in method of treating people with borderline character ailment. DBT--which has considering the fact that been tailored for different difficult-to-treat issues related to emotion dysregulation--combines cognitive and behavioral recommendations with parts of psychodynamic, strategic, and different modalities. Delineated are particular concepts for contingency administration, publicity, cognitive amendment, and abilities education. In-depth descriptions of talents education methods are supplied within the significant other guide. center emotion rules abilities also are taught on to consumers in Linehan's talents education videos.

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A very important dialectical idea is that all propositions contain within them their o w n oppositions. Or, as Goldberg (1980) put it, I assume that truth is paradoxical, that each article of wisdom contains withi it its own contradictions, that truths stand side by side. Contradictory truths do not necessarily cancel each other out or dominate each other, but stand side by side, inviting participation and experimentation, (pp. 295-296) If you take this idea seriously, it can have a rather profound impact on your clinical praaice.

Their relationships m a y be chaotic, intense, and marked with difficulties. Despite these problems, borderline individuals often find it extremely hard to let go of relationships; instead, they m a y engage in intense and frantic efforts to keep significant individuals from leaving them. In m y experience, borderline individuals, more so than most, seem to d o well w h e n in stable, positive relationships and to d o poorly w h e n not in such relationships. Third, borderline individuals have patterns of behavioral dysregulation, as evidenced by extreme and problematic impulsive behaviors as well as suicidal behaviors.

1990; Clarkin, Hurt, & Hull, 1991; see Hurt, Clarkin, Munroe-Blum, & Marziali, 1992, for a review). 5. Connparison of BPD and Parasuicide Characteristics BPD Parasuicide Emotional dysregulation 1. Emotional instability 2. Problems with anger 1. Chronic, aversive affea 2. Anger, hostility, irritability Interpersonal dysregulation 3. Unstable relationships 4. Efforts to avoid loss 3. 4. 5. 6. Conflictual relationships "Weak social support Interpersonal problems paramount Passive interpersonal problem solving Behavioral dysregulation 5.

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