Citizen Bacchae: Women's Ritual Practice in Ancient Greece by Barbara Goff

By Barbara Goff

What actions did the ladies of old Greece practice within the sphere of formality, and what have been the meanings of such actions for them and their tradition? through supplying solutions to those questions, this research goals to get well and reconstruct a tremendous size of the lived event of historical Greek ladies. A accomplished and complicated research of the ritual roles of girls in historical Greece, it attracts on a variety of facts from around the Greek international, together with literary and ancient texts, inscriptions, and vase-paintings, to collect a portrait of ladies as non secular and cultural brokers, regardless of the beliefs of seclusion in the domestic and exclusion from public arenas that we all know constrained their lives.As she builds an image of the level and variety of women's ritual task, Barbara Goff indicates that they have been entrusted with essentially the most vital techniques during which the group assured its welfare. She examines the ways that women's ritual job addressed problems with sexuality and civic participation, exhibiting that ritual may well supply girls certainly replacement roles and identities even whereas it labored to supply better halves and moms who functioned good during this male-dominated society. relocating to extra speculative research, she discusses the potential of a women's lifestyle all for ritual and investigates the importance of formality in women's poetry and vase-paintings that depict ladies. She additionally features a mammoth exploration of the illustration of ladies as ritual brokers in fifth-century Athenian drama.

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The corresponding inscription from Ioulis reads: “The women who come to mourn at the funeral are not to leave the tomb before the men” (LSCG 97 = IG xii 593). But despite this micromanagement of their participation, other evidence indicates that women continued to exert some power of agency in funerary contexts. 22, represents a widow who exercises some influence over her husband’s funeral arrangements, declaring her wish that the burial take place from her house rather than from her grandson’s.

Qxd 24 2/19/2004 12:52 PM Page 24 Introduction with the information. In consequence, much of what is relayed about women and ritual has at one time or other been dismissed by scholars as unhistorical. I have sought instead to take the contested evidence as registering, if not a trace of historical practice, then at least a trace of the unusual possibilities for women imagined by the ritual sphere. I take the testimonies of many of the ancient sources not so much as precise indications of historical fact as very good indices of cultural attitudes; if we cannot be certain that the priestess of Athena did experience periodic hirsuteness, we can perhaps still say that she operated in a climate where she could be entrusted with the welfare of her people.

I am interested in historical women rather than in transcendent versions of femininity. ”30 Several such polarizing theories, however, which do in fact claim for religion “one or the other,” have been found very useful in the study of women’s relations to cult. The work of M. ”31 If, as A. van Gennep famously proposed,32 ritual events may be analyzed into the components of separation, liminality, and integration, these theories elaborate chiefly on the moment of liminality in its suspension of the quotidian.

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