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0 g * ? 4. 6 g H2O 1 mol H2O molar mass water Glucose (C6H12O6) ferments over time to produce ethanol (C2H5OH) and carbon dioxide. 0 g of ethanol? 6. Hydrogen gas reacts with carbon monoxide to yield methanol (CH3OH). 6 g of hydrogen react with excess carbon monoxide? 7. How many moles of carbon dioxide are formed in the fermentation of 75 g of glucose? 8. The thermite reaction (Fe2O3 ϩ Al S Fe ϩ Al2O3) can be used to ignite solid-fuel rockets or bombs. 0 g of Fe2O3? 5. Write the unbalanced equation: C6H12O6 S C2H5OH ϩ CO2 36 Team-LRN – STOICHIOMETRY II: CHEMICAL EQUATIONS – Limiting Reactant The reagent that is consumed first in a reaction is called the limiting reactant or reagent.

For example, the atmosphere exerts a pressure known as atmospheric pressure. The Earth’s atmosphere is a function of the location and the weather conditions, and it decreases with a higher altitude. The unit of pressure commonly used in chemistry is the atmosphere (atm). The standard atmosphere is 1 atm or a measurement of 760 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg or torr) on a manometer. Boyles’s, Charles’s, GayLussac’s, and Avogadro’s Laws Properties of gases that change are pressure (P), temperature (T), volume (V), and the number of moles (n).

2 Base SI Units BASE QUANTITY NAME SYMBOL Length meter m cm, nm Mass kilogram kg g Time second s hr Electric current ampere A — Thermodynamic temperature kelvin K °C, °F Amount of substance mole mol — Luminous intensity candela cd — 22 Team-LRN COMMONLY USED NON-SI UNITS – MEASUREMENT AND UNITS – Uncertainty and Error NUMBER OF SIGNIFICANT NUMBER Uncertainty expresses the doubt associated with the accuracy of any single measurement. Accuracy establishes how close in agreement a measurement is with the accepted value.

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