Cartilage. Structure, Function, and Biochemistry by Brian K. Hall

By Brian K. Hall

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Specimen showing marked increases in cell size and thickness of matrix seams. In situ, en mass cell chondrifications are in progress at sites shown by arrows. Hematoxylin-eosin stained section, magnification 232 x. Re­ produced from Person and Philpott (1967, Fig. 6), with permission of the publisher and authors. resemble hyaline cartilage to a greater extent. In this growth sequence, the tissue successively resembles the gill cartilage of Ammocetes, the skeletal cartilage of Petromyzon (Schaffer, 1930), and stages in early limb bud formation in higher vertebrate embryos, including man (Streeter, 1949; Person 1960; Person and Philpott, 1967, 1969a).

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