Buddhism in Thailand II by Karuna Kusalasaya

By Karuna Kusalasaya

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Each of these primordial numbers is associated with a particular category of creation, the first four sefiroth undoubtedly emanating from each other. The first one is the pneuma of the living God, rualf 'e lohim �ayyim ( the book continues to use the word ru alf in its triple meaning of breath, air, and spirit). From the rualf comes forth, by way of condensation, as it were, the " breath of breath, " that is, the primordial element o f the air, identified i n later chapters with the ether, which is divided into material and immaterial either.

Leipzig, 1925), 69-80) collected abundant testimonies from the Greek and Latin sources; cf. also A. r Philologie 56 ( 1900): 77-105. In the Wiener Jahreshefte 32 ( 1940): 79-84, Joseph Keil published an important Hebrew-Greek amulet that contains, with an obviously magical intention, the Hebrew alphabet in G reek transcription in the so-called at-bash order. In this order the alphabet is written in two rows boustrophedon and two letters are vertically connected in pairs. The amulet should be dated between the second and fourth centu­ ries, but certainly no later.

The book's solemn and enigmatic manner of speaking made it possible for the Jewish philosophers as well as the kabbalists of the Middle Ages to appeal to its authority. Saadya, in the earliest extant ( although certainly not the oldest) commentary interpreted it around 933 in accordance with his philosophic conception of the doctrine of Creation and his Jewish theology in general. Since then, a complete series of more or less detailed Hebrew and Arabic commentaries continued to be writwhich was 8till unknown to Peterson; cf.

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