British Vocational Qualifications: A Directory of Vocational by Kogan Page Ltd.

By Kogan Page Ltd.

British Vocational Qualifications is a reference for profession advisors, human source managers, employers, academics and scholars, that includes updated info on over 3,500 vocational skills to be had within the uk. those comprise Vocational skills (VQs), nationwide Vocational skills (NVQs), Scottish Vocational skills (SVQs), similar Vocational skills (RVQs) and apprenticeships.

The listing additionally covers the newest advancements in the fast-changing box of vocational skills, and information of awarding, reading and validating bodies.

British Vocational Qualifications is an easy consultant for a person who must comprehend vocational schooling, no matter if learning what's on hand, verifying a qualification for felony reasons, or reviewing the place top to check for them.

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