Bone Marrow and Bone Tissue: Color Atlas of Clinical by Rolf Burkhardt

By Rolf Burkhardt

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1941. , 2a and b. Ladewig X 560 1. Arteritis. Swelling of wall and cellular infiltration of adventitia. 2a. Fibrin precipitation in sinus. 2b. Interstitial fibrin precipitation (red, acicular) and necrosis of marrow cells. 3. IN SUBACUTE NEPHRITIS * Man aged 42, typical picture for 6 weeks. Now: hypertension, compensated uraemia. Haematology unremarkable. M. No. 1188. Gallamine blue-Giemsa x 560 Artery with slight swelling of wall. Inflammatory infiltration of adventitia, periarterial necrosis of marrow cells (a/ 1-2).

M. No. 1810. a. Gallamine blue-Giemsa X 400 Small arteries on periosteum. Narrowing of lumen by mural sclerosis with uneven thickening of media (a-d/l0-11) and adventitia (b-c/7-8). Occlusion of vessel and mural sclerosis (b/3--4). blocked artery) (b-c/7-8). Artificial blurring (a-b/l0-11). b. Gomori 2. ARTERIOSCLEROSIS (as II/2) Gallamine blue-Giemsa X 560 Increase of mural elements with swelling, sclerosis and necrosis. 33 PATHOLOGICAL CHANGES OF BLOOD VESSELS a I II b 1 1 2 2 3 3 III 1 a 2 PARAPROTEIN DEPOSITS AND NECROSIS OF VESSEL WALL A woman aged 64, y-A-paraproteinaemia.

Now: anaemia, leucopenia, clinically and serologically typical. M. No. 560. WEGENER'S GRANULOMATOSIS (confirmed by necropsy) * Boy aged 17, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia for 2 months. Now: nephrotic syndrome, anaemia, leucocytosis 18000. M. No. 1857. 1. Gallamine blue-Giemsa X 560 Necrotizing arteritis and capillaritis (d-f/8-10, d-e/2). Marked plasmocytosis. Eosinophilia, histiocytes with inclusions of protein and haemosiderin (e. g. b-c/4-5, g/4-5). 2. Gallamine b/ue-Giemsa X 1000 Patient as 1/ 1, 2: necrotizing capillaritis.

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