Blood Lure by Nevada Barr

By Nevada Barr

"All isn't good in grizzly country...Barr's pink herrings and sly twists culminate in a single large payoff." (Entertainment Weekly)

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Anna and Joan would begin from the campsite. Six members of the bear team from the frontcountry would start in on horseback. The ranger stationed at the backcountry cabin halfway down to Waterton Lake would head up their direction. Given the night's events, odds were good Rory was either dead or would be found close to camp in fairly short order. The machinery was set in motion because if he was truly lost or alive and injured, time was the single most important commodity they had to offer. By six-thirty it was light enough to track.

We had to kill them all. " Joan seemed to remember that maybe this time Rory Van Slyke and not some nameless stranger was the main course. She shook her head as if ridding herself of bad thoughts. " Not conversant with how grizzlies left their calling cards, Anna said nothing. Items from Rory's tent were dropped along the way as if flung aside by a spoiled child. "Flashlight," Joan said, stooping to pluck the named item out of the grass. She held it up to the first rays of the rising sun. " Anna asked stupidly.

Harry Ruick radioed the rest of the team with the quitting time, then they pushed themselves up for another hour of calling and crawling and swearing at the dogged weeping sky. The last hour did not pass quickly. Time was slowed by a compulsion that had developed in Anna forcing her to look at her watch every few minutes. Finally Ruick said, "That's enough," and they turned back. The search technique he'd opted for was meticulous and labor intensive, the ground they covered rugged, rife with hiding places.

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