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As hinted previous, this publication is written to be totally suitable with either home windows desktops and Macs. simply because the entire weblog engines mentioned are equipped with PHP/Perl and MySQL (opensource software program, which runs on essentially any platform), you might want to even be capable of get many of the examples to run on Linux/Unix-based structures if that is so prone (although we don’t in particular disguise those systems).

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Conf is located in C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\conf. conf Configuration File. conf is a very long file composed mainly of comments, which in this case can be distinguished by a pound or hash sign (#) at the beginning of the line. 33 5815_Ch02_CMP4 1/20/06 2:11 PM Page 34 BLOG DESIGN SOLUTIONS 2. Scroll down until you find a long list of items that begin with LoadModule (many of them will be commented out). dll The pathname assumes that you installed PHP in c:\php5. Change it accordingly if you used a different installation folder, and don’t forget to use forward slashes in the pathname.

Users add tags to their pictures, which allow anyone to search for those terms (as shown circled in Figure 1-9). Figure 1-9. Flickr users add tags to allow for easy searching. 13 5815_Ch01_FINAL 1/21/06 1:55 PM Page 14 BLOG DESIGN SOLUTIONS Placing pictures into photo sets makes things kinda neat and tidy. Search for “Sherry Farewell” and you’ll find some sets of pictures of this author and the book’s technical reviewer, taken a few days before I moved from Liverpool to Stockholm, as you can see in Figure 1-10.

You will see a long list titled Windows Extensions (around line 563), all of them commented out. These extensions add extra features to the core functionality of PHP. ini, and restarting Apache. dll This enables support for Unicode. 1 and above. 7. dll. Copy and paste it on the line immediately below. dll This enables support for the MySQL-specific functions that will be used by your blog. 8. ini, and close it. Leave it inside the C:\php5 folder. 31 5815_Ch02_CMP4 1/20/06 2:11 PM Page 32 BLOG DESIGN SOLUTIONS Adding PHP to your Windows startup procedure The installation of PHP is complete, but it still needs to be added to your Windows startup procedure.

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