Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics by D. G. Poitout (auth.), Dominique G. Poitout MD (eds.)

By D. G. Poitout (auth.), Dominique G. Poitout MD (eds.)

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Thrombin fibrin (monomer-polymer) FXllla - - - - -.. . adjuncts: initiators: u2- antiplasmin streptokinase tPA urokinase prekallikrein kininogen fibrinectin plasminogen fibrin X-linked plasmin plasminogen I inhibitors: u 2 -macroglobulin ~-antiplasmin aprotinin £ACA . 1. Coagulation and degradation cascades of fibrin tissue sealant. 2. Composition of various fibrin adhesives Fibrin glue Pooled-donor source Tisseel®(Immuno AG, Vienna, Austria) [14,15J Beriplast P(Behringwerke AG, Marburg, Germany) [6J Lille (OITS Fractionation Centre, Ulle, France) [8J Transglutine (CNTS Fractionation Centre, Strasbourg, France) [33] Single autologous donor Durham et al.

1), and is molded into a ball using rubber at room temperature. 1). 02 Jim. 24 Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics A zirconia femoral head made in this way consists mainly of the tetragonal phase with 1-2% monoclinic and cubic phases. 2). 1. 7 remainder Zro2 of chemical stabilizers used. Among them, yttrium oxide PSZ (Y-PSZ) has the highest bending strength and fracture toughness followed by cerium oxide PSZ (Ce-PSZ). Breaking tests for Y-PSZ and alumina femoral heads, 22 mm in outer diameter, were performed by static loading over a polyethylene liner which was set against the ceramic head.

Hydroxyapatite synthesis and characterization in dense polycrystalline form. I Mater Sci 1976; 11:2027-34. 12. Geesink RGT, de Groot K, Klein CPAT. Chemical implant fixation using hydroxyl-apatite coatings: the development of a human total hip prosthesis for chemical fixation to bone using hydroxyl-apatite coating on titanium substrates. Clin Orthop ReI Res 1987;225:147-70. 13. Kokubo T, Shigematsu M, Nagashima Y, Tashiro M, Nakamura T, Yamamuro T, et al. Apatite- and wollastonite-containing glass-ceramic for prosthetic application.

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