Biological Calcification: Normal and Pathological Processes by Ermanno Bonucci

By Ermanno Bonucci

For the 1st time, this publication deals a serious evaluate of the calcification strategy of the natural and inorganic stages of mineralized tissues concentrating on the earliest stages. It incorporates a methodological bankruptcy which gives the required sensible info for making acceptable offerings. The publication is determined to develop into an incredible reference resource for the cabinets of bone densitometry labs internationally.

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Schweiz Z Allg Pathol Bakteriol 13:783–788 Kergosien N, Sautier J-M, Forest N (1998) Gene and protein expression during differentiation and matrix mineralization in a chondrocyte cell culture system. Calcif Tissue Int 62: 114–121 Kobayashi S (1971) Acid mucopolysaccharides in calcified tissues. Int Rev Cytol 30: 257–371 Lacroix P (1960) Ca45 autoradiography in the study of bone tissue. In: Rodahl K, Nicholson JT, Brown EM (eds) Bone as a tissue. McGraw-Hill, New York, pp 262–279 Leblond CP, Warshawsky H (1979) Dynamic of enamel formation in the rat incisor tooth.

2003). The X-ray diffraction method has also been used to obtain information on the organic components of the calcified matrix when they can be crystallized or have an intrinsically crystal-like organization (as may occur, for instance, in the case of collagen fibrils), and on their relationship with the inorganic substance (Dawson 1946; Miller and Wray 1971; Grynpas 1977; White et al. 1977; Weiner and Traub 1980; Lees and Hukins 1992). In this connection, 26 Chapter 3 Methodology it should be borne in mind that X-ray diffraction and, to some extent, the other physical methods which are applicable to the study of calcified tissues do not allow easy discrimination between the fully calcified and the not yet calcified matrix.

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