Beyond Humanism: The Flourishing of Life, Self and Other by B. Nooteboom

By B. Nooteboom

This ebook seeks to set humanism on a brand new footing. not Enlightenment intuitions of an independent, disconnected, and rational self yet a philosophy orientated in the direction of the connection among self and different. With this, it seeks to supply an break out from current egotism and narcissism in society. It discusses altruism in addition to its boundaries.

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So it is not easy, in an attempt to escape from the prejudice of knowledge, not to fall into mysticism and metaphysics. But we should be aware that the apparently self-evident knowledge and ‘hard facts’ that we wish to stand on in avoiding a drift into metaphysics is based on tacit understandings or assumptions about the world, in concepts and cognitive constructions, that also constitute a metaphysics, which is all the more dangerous because it is tacitly taken for granted as self-evident, as something that it would be crazy to doubt.

Here, as in Buddhism and other mystical religions, the self is subdued by dissolving it. There appears to be a gap in the forms of philosophical analysis which may yield a window of opportunity. In most cases, philosophers have set the individual either against a God or a metaphysical principle, or against a collective of state or nation. They have mostly set individuals against each other in the strife for survival or thymos. But what if in order to survive and to develop and distinguish oneself the self needs the other?

While I need to use and quote philosophers, this book is not intended primarily as a treatise for philosophers, but for a wider audience; and I am trying to keep the argumentation simple, direct and transparent. In the interpretation of both Nietzsche and Levinas there are complexities and ambiguities that require discussion, but I will bother the reader with them as little as I can. A fuller justification for philosophers I will have to offer elsewhere. Therefore, I will also limit references to the literature to what I see as the minimum required.

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