Between Cross and Crescent: Christian and Muslim by Lewis V. Baldwin

By Lewis V. Baldwin

There isn't any extra particular source in regards to the dating among Martin King and Malcolm X. The intensity of scholarship during this quantity extends even to the intense volume of knowledge relegated to footnotes, themselves a gold mine of documentation for all readers attracted to the interface among religion claims, politics, and social and cultural transformation.

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37 Martin appeared equally mindful of the ways in which his people utilized the techniques of deception to survive and even triumph in the face of white racism. 38 Martin’s sense of the importance of deception as a defense mechanism grew as he reached manhood. In terms that Malcolm would have immediately grasped, Martin once wrote: “The extensive use of violence, ridicule, and distortion often required that Negroes develop skill in the pretense of self-deprecation. ”39 By mastering the art of deception, African Americans gave further evidence of their ability to fashion norms of behavior and a set of values—a cultural ethos—which allowed them to survive, to obtain psychic relief, and to assert their humanity in a society that sought to reduce them to nonpersons.

Malcolm lamented in his “Message to the Grassroots” in Detroit in November 1963. ” Apparently perturbed as he witnessed Africans and black Americans “moving sensually to the rhythms of the High Life, West Africa’s most popular dance,” Malcolm, when asked to speak, commented: “I do not want you to think that because I have been sitting here quietly, that I do not appreciate your invitation. The fact is, I am in no mood to dance. I think of our brothers and sisters at home, squirming under the heel of racial oppression, and I do not care to dance.

As far as Malcolm was concerned, African Americans deserved more: Our artists—we have artists who are geniuses; they don’t have to act the Stepin Fetchit role. But as long as they’re looking for white support instead of black support, they’ve got to act like the old white supporter wants them to. When you and I begin to support the black artists, then the black artists can play that black role. As long as the black artist has to sing and dance to please the white man, he’ll be a clown, he’ll be clowning, just another clown.

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