Beginning Zend Framework by Armando Padilla

By Armando Padilla

;Beginning Zend Framework КНИГИ ; WEB-СОЗИДАНИЕ Автор:Armando Padilla Название: starting Zend Framework Издательство: Apress Год: 2009 Формат: PDF Размер: 4.68 мб Для сайта: www.mirknig.comBeginning Zend Framework is a beginner’s consultant to studying and utilizing the Zend Framework. It covers every little thing from the deploy to many of the good points of the framework to get the reader up and operating quick. скачать с eighty five

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I’m installing the files in the C:\PHP5\ directory, and I recommend you do the same. ■ Note For ease of use, this directory path will be referred to as PHP_HOME throughout the book. conf file that was installed by Apache. Go to the APACHE_HOME/conf directory and open the file. This file allows Apache to be manually configured. php file by users. php file on any browser, the browser either prompts you to download the file or simply displays the PHP code on the page. So let’s tell Apache what translator to use.

Sh These three files power Zend_Tool. php files. I suggest placing these files inside the PHP_HOME directory, but they can live anywhere on your system where you have permission to execute. I placed mine inside the PHP_HOME directory for ease of use. Once you copy the files, you need to inform Zend_Tool where your copy of the Zend Framework files is located. The Zend_Tool requires the Zend_Tool_Framework component of the framework to properly work, so this step is critical. There are different paths you can take from here.

For Zend Framework developers, this tool can accelerate the time in which you deliver a product and results for your clients. As a RAD command-line tool, Zend_Tool allows you to focus on coding instead of creating project structures, required files, or the small nuances that may slow your progress from the start. Zend_Tool removes these roadblocks by creating bug-free project foundations in a fraction of the time it would normally take to create these items. 1). In a nutshell, Zend_Tool creates the following: • Project directory structure • Controllers • Actions • Views • Bootstrap file • Project details Let’s install Zend_Tool and create our first Zend Framework project.

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