Bebop to the Boolean Boogie: An Unconventional Guide to by Clive Maxfield

By Clive Maxfield

From reports of the 1st version: "If you need to be reminded of the enjoyment of electronics, have a look at Clive (Max) Maxfield's e-book Bebop to the Boolean Boogie."

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Then all the air was sucked out, leaving a vacuum. When electricity was passed through the filament, it began to glow brightly (the vacuum stopped it from bursting into flames). A few years later in 1883, one of Edison’s assistants discovered that he could detect electrons flowing through the vacuum from the lighted filament to a metal plate mounted inside the bulb. Unfortunately, Edison didn’t develop this so-called Edison Effect any further. 1 This device, known as a diode, had two terminals and conducted electricity in only one direction (a feat that isn’t as easy to achieve as you might think).

Electromagnetic field +ve (Resulting (Resulting voltage) Voltage) +ve Direction of movement –ve Figure 3-12. A conductor cutting through an electromagnetic field generates an electrical potential Engineers sometimes make use of components called inductors, which may be formed by winding a wire into a coil. When a current is passed through the coil, the result is an intense electromagnetic field (Figure 3-13). +ve Intense field –ve (a) Inductor Component L (b) Symbol Figure 3-13. Inductor: component and symbol Conductors and Insulators ■ 21 VPOS Volts VPOS Volts Now consider a simple circuit consisting of a resistor, an inductor, and a R R switch.

Similarly, because phosphorous atoms have five electrons in their outermost electron shells, the site of a phosphorous atom in the silicon crystal will donate an electron with relative ease and is therefore known as a donor. 2 If you ever see an illustration of an integrated circuit, you may see symbols like n, n+, n++, p, p+, and p++. In this case, the n and p stand for standard N-Type and P-type material (which we might compare to an average guy), the n+ and p+ indicate a heavier level of doping (say a bodybuilder or the author flexing his rippling muscles on the beach), and the n++ and p++ indicate a really high level of doping (like a weightlifter on steroids).

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