Beasley's Surgery of the Hand by Robert W. Beasley

By Robert W. Beasley

Ny Univ., manhattan urban. offers details had to practice all kind of hand surgical procedure, together with a guiding philosophy and systematic procedure for lowering the main tough difficulties. positive aspects greater than 1,000 high quality illustrations explaining details besides anatomical drawings for depicting strategies. DNLM: Hand--Surgery.

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To be certain the problem is not in the PIP joint proper or due to extensor tendon adhesions, the MP joint is flexed to relax the intrinsic muscles, and the PIP joint should be easily flexed. FIGURE 2–22 (A). The three volar interosseous muscles are adductors. They pass dorsal to the intercapsular (intermetacarpal) ligaments at the MP joints. (B). The four dorsal interosseous muscles are finger abductors. the PIP joints cannot be flexed if the MP joints are in extension. The test for this is easy (Fig.

Acta Anat. 1955;24(suppl):2511. Landsmeer JM. The coordination of finger joint motions. J Bone and Joint Surg. 1963;45A:1654. Lanz U, Schmidt HM, et al. Surgical Anatomy of the Hand. Stuttgart: Hippokrates Verlag; 1992. Littler JW. Architectural principles of reconstructive surgery of the hand. Surg Clin North Am. 1951;31:463. Littler JW. The hand and the wrist. In: Beckett-Howorth M, ed. A Textbook of Orthopedics. Philadelphia: WB Saunders; 1952. Littler JW. On the adaptability of man’s hand (with reference to the equiangular curve).

All dressings should have an increment of diminishing pressure from distal to proximal to avoid being a venous tourniquet. Once a seriously injured person arrives at a hospital, the immediate need is to stop blood loss, followed by a brief neurologic evaluation and check for other injuries. Pain is then generally best controlled by appropriate nerve blocks (see Chapter 4) rather than systemic analgesics with which complete loss of patient cooperation may occur. First Aid for Hand Injuries First aid is the initial management of an injury before definitive care can be provided.

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