Automorphic Forms and Lie Superalgebras (Algebra and by Urmie Ray

By Urmie Ray

This publication presents the reader with the instruments to appreciate the continued type and development venture of Lie superalgebras. It provides the cloth in as easy phrases as attainable. assurance particularly info Borcherds-Kac-Moody superalgebras. The publication examines the hyperlink among the above category of Lie superalgebras and automorphic shape and explains their development from lattice vertex algebras. it's also all worthwhile heritage info.

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4. As the Chevalley automorphism ω is an involution, 32 2 Borcherds-Kac-Moody Lie Superalgebras (ω(x), y) = (x, ω(y)), so it does not matter whether ω acts on the first or second component. When S = ∅, the above equality no longer holds. )0 . )0 is not positive definite. 5] instead of the one given in [Borc4]. It is in fact why the Hermitian form needs to be antilinear in the second factor. 19. )0 on the BKM superalgebra G is consistent. (ii) ([g, x], y)0 = (−1)d(g)d(x) (x, [ω0 (g), y])0 , where ω0 is the compact automorphism.

11). There may be n > 1 simple roots in Q of non-positive norm with the same image in H (resp. H ∗ ) if the generalized Cartan matrix A has equal distinct columns. 9. (i) fQ (αi ) = fQ (αj ) if and only if gQ (αi ) = gQ (αj ). (ii) fQ (αi ) = fQ (αj ) implies that the i-th and j-th columns of A are equal. If the roots are taken to be in H, then the root space of the root h ∈ H is Gh = {x ∈ G : [h , x] = (h , h)x, h ∈ H}. 9 when roots are considered to be in the Cartan subalgebra H or its dual H ∗ instead of the formal root lattice Q, the simple root spaces are no longer necessarily of dimension 1.

3 shows there are Lie algebras which satisfy all the other conditions but are not BKM algebras. The above properties characterize BKM algebras. 8 holds. It is essential in Borcherds’ proof of the Moonshine Theorem where it is needed to show that the Monster Lie algebra is a BKM algebra. 9. )0 on L, invariant under ω0 and positive definite on all the subspaces Li for i = 0. Furthermore (Li , Lj )0 = 0 if i = j. Then the kernel R of the Hermitian form is contained in the centre of L and L/R is a BKM algebra.

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