Angel by LA Weatherly

By LA Weatherly

Willow is familiar with she's assorted from different women. and never simply because she loves tinkering round with vehicles. Willow has a present. she will investigate people's futures, recognize their goals, their hopes and their regrets, simply by touching them. She has no inspiration the place she will get this energy from - yet Alex does. wonderful, mysterious Alex understands Willow's mystery and is on a undertaking to prevent her. The darkish forces inside Willow make her harmful - and impossible to resist. even with himself, Alex reveals he's falling in love together with his sworn enemy.

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She produced fork, knife and spoon from her apron, and clattered those down as wel . ” “Thanks,” said Alex. She refil ed his cup and bustled off, and he eyed the food tiredly, wondering why he had wanted so much. But he needed to eat for the fuel, if nothing else. He might get another text any minute, sending him off to god knew where. Or it could be as long as a week from now. A week ful of long, pointless hours that he’d somehow have to fil – which usual y meant boxy motel rooms and crap TV shows.

The angel was shrieking in triumph, its terrible, awesome voice slicing through him. Its halo was the size of a saucer…now a dinner plate…now a … Alex shot. The world exploded into shards of light as the force from the fal out blew him backwards, off his feet. He landed in the grass a dozen feet away and for a moment just lay there stunned, the wind knocked out of him. “Man, if that wasn’t just about the messiest kil I ever did see,” observed a drawling voice. ” Suddenly there was a strong arm around his shoulders, helping him to his feet.

Oh, come on, Wil ow, you are seriously deluded if you think—” Nina broke off as I grabbed my jacket and slammed her hood shut. “Here,” I said, tossing her keys at her. ” Before she could answer, I had gathered up my things and stalked off. “Fine, be that way,” she cal ed after me. “You know I’m right, though. See you tomorrow. ” I waved at her without turning around. Getting into my own car, a battered blue Toyota, I piled my stuff in the passenger seat and started the ignition. It purred like a kitten, of course.

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