An Anatomical Wordbook by Stephen Lewis (Auth.)

By Stephen Lewis (Auth.)

Anatomy is a technology which, to lots of its scholars, is couched in phrases that are obscure, being drawn from different languages, cultures and eras. Many have discovered a leap forward in comprehension of the topic via a fuller figuring out of its terminology because the phrases used are simply basic descriptions of anatomical buildings yet in an strange language. it's the objective of this booklet to supply all who learn anatomy with an easy reference consultant to such phrases so that their comprehension of the topic should be improved. this isn't easily a dictionary of anatomical phrases, even if there's a valuable alphabetical word list. particularly, quite a few phrases were passed over from this thesaurus and grouped jointly via universal subject matters right into a sequence of really brief sections on the entrance of the e-book. during this means, cross-referencing inside those topics is made a lot more uncomplicated for the reason that all similar entries are in a single position. The record of contents is a really useful indicator and consultant to the site of be aware. a number of anatomical buildings also endure the identify of an individual with whom they've got turn into linked. even though using eponyms is now discouraged, their use isn't extinct and so a listing is supplied on the finish

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Fleshy. ) The major arteries of the neck, supplying the head. ) It was believed from the time of Aristotle until the Middle Ages that compression of the carotid arteries led to the induction of a deep 54 An anatomical wordbook Cartilage Caruncle Cauda Cauda Equina Cavalry Bone Caverna Cavernous Cavity Cavum Cell Centrum Cephalic Cerebellum sleep or stupefaction. Thus, alternative names have included arteria soporariae, arteria soporiferae and arteria somni. A fairly flexible connective tissue composed of cells enclosed in a matrix of collagen, elastic fibre and mucopolysaccharides.

Anatomically, this term was first used by Celsus. ) The principal artery of the body. ) The term may also come from aorteomai (Gk): T am suspended'. According to Aristotle, the aorta was the large artery from which the heart was suspended. ) An aperture or opening. ) A secretory cell type where part of the protoplasm was believed to contribute to the secretion. ) Glossary Apex Aponeurosis Aplasia Apophysis Appendix Aqueduct Aqueous Aqueous Humour Arachnoid Granulations Arbor Vitae Arcade Arch Archicerebellum 47 The peak, tip or top.

Anatomically, this term was first used by Vesalius with reference to the tooth socket. ) A trough or cavity. ) Surrounding. ) Doubtful. ) Therefore of uncertain function, meaning etc. A portion of the pes hippocampi resembling a ram's horn. Named after Ammon, an Egyptian god with a ram's head. The innermost membrane which surrounds the fetus and contains the amniotic fluid. ) This term seems to have derived from a knowledge of the fetal membranes of the sheep, whether in the field or from the sacrifice of pregnant sheep during which these membranes would have been exposed.

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